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866 BC as Villa Cuchema mentioned

Cochem is located at a 20 kilometer long arc of the Moselle River. It's the largest town in the region and has got about 5500 inhabitants. In the summer months it attracts thousands of visitors daily. Villa Cuchema was first mentioned in the year 866. The Celts and Romans left their marks in Cochem.

The city Cochem - Hotel Zehnthof in Cochem
The city Cochem - Hotel Zehnthof in Cochem
Historic buildings

Take your time and taste the variety of excellent Riesling wines. The landscape is dominated by the magnificent Cochem Castle. It is situated on a preciptous rock high above the town. Historic buildings can also be found in the medieval center with its narrow streets and twisty alleys. Half timbered houses and slate roofs are typical for Cochem..

Breathtaking panoramic view

You can enjoy another facet of the town walking along the Mosel promenade in Cond, where the Hotel Zehnthof is situated. From there you have a truly breathtaking panoramic view of the old town. Many benches invite you to take a quiet break and enjoy the valley.

The city Cochem - Hotel Zehnthof in Cochem

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Enjoy a wonderful view of the Moselle River and the Imperial Castle

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From there you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Moselle River, the Imperial Castle Cochem and over the vineyards...

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