Hotel Zehnthof Cochem



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A good coffee is black as the night, hot as love and sweet as life. Before you enjoy the wonderful surroundings of our city, we recommend our breakfast buffet. Between 08.00 and 12.00 you will find a rich selection of regional breads, fine jams and fresh fruit salad.

Breakfast Hotel Zehnthof in Cochem
Breakfast Hotel Zehnthof in Cochem
From the local region

A good breakfast will make a nice sleep even better. Look forward to the scent of fried bacon and the taste of hearty sausage and cheese specialties.

Breakfast buffet with Moselle champagne

You have a special request or would like to enjoy the sunrise between the vineyards? Then we are also available from 07:00 in the morning for you - to your taste. Ask us.

Breakfast Hotel Zehnthof in Cochem

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Pretty wooden terrace with a fantastic view.

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Welcome to your personal holiday home! We offer a luxurious apartment, equipped with the highest comfort...

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