Hotel Zehnthof Cochem

Imperial Castle

Imperial castle

Built around the year 1000

The landmark of the city can be reached by a walk on a steep path through the vineyards. Built around the year 1000 by Count Palatine Ezzo, the castle was destroyed in the Palatinate War of Succession and rebuilt in the 19th century.

Imperial castle Hotel Zehnthof in Cochem
Imperial castle Hotel Zehnthof in Cochem
Fantastic view

From the castle you can enjoy a magnificent view over the Moselle Valley. On the western side is also the part of town "Cond" with many historical frame-work houses like our Hotel Zehnthof. Discover in addition to the guided tours, children's guided tours and rustic medieval banquets (Knight’s Meal), the medieval castle festival, the gourmet festival, the Sparkling Wine gala and Cochem castle Christmas.

Schmaus & Trank

The castle is open from 9 am to 5 pm. The castle tours cost 4.50 Euro per person. From the middle of March to the beginning of November, Cochem Castle's restaurant is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Besides coffee and cake they offer refreshing drinks and hot food from our kitchen. More Info here

Imperial castle Hotel Zehnthof in Cochem

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