Hotel Zehnthof Cochem

Event schedule

Event schedule

Castlefestival Cochem

On the first weekend in August the imperial castle in Cochem celebrates its traditional Castle fesitval. Great fun from a bygone era.

  • Date 2018: 4th + 5th August 2018
  • Date 2019: 3rd + 4th August 2019

Local Wine Festival

On the last weekend of August Cochem celebrates local history and the wine. All guest can except live music, a variety of Riesling vines and a big firework.

  • Date 2018: 23rd to 27th August 2018
  • Date 2019: 22nd to 26. August 2019

Day of the Red Moselle Vineyard Peach

Cochem celebrates the red moselle vineyard peach. Many interesting products can be tasted like liqueurs and brandies, spreads, jams, ice cream, bowl, cakes, pies, waffles and many more ...

  • Date 2018: 15th + 16th September 2018
  • Date 2019: 14th + 15th September 2019

Octoberfest in Cochem

Exceptionally this celebration is not about wine but about beer and the bavarian way of life.

  • Date 2018: 26th - 28th October 2018
  • Date 2019: 25th - 27th October 2019

Federweißer Festival

The cloudy beverage in the process of fermenting, i.e. somewhere in between must and wine, is called Federweisser. On this date we celebrate and taste the Federweißer of the year.

  • Date 2018: 2nd/3rd/4th and 09th/11th November 2018
  • Date 2019: 1st/2nd/3rd and 08th/10th November 2019

Christmas Market

While artworks, crafts and handmade knickknacks from local artists and artisans make for nice Christmas presents, mulled wine, cake, sausages and other foods satisfy the appetite.

  • Date 2018: 23rd November to 16th December 2018
  • Termin 2019: 22nd November to 15th December 2019

Christmas at the Imperial Castle

A special way to tune into Christmas.

  • Date 2018: 15th + 16th December 2018
  • Date 2019: t.b.d. 2019

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