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Like a string of pearls, a series of exquisite hiking trails lead right through the holiday region of Cochem. The trails are the perfect way to experience the Landscape of the Moselle. They lead along sheer rock faces, some high above the river, weave their way through the vine-laden slopes and end at breathtaking viewpoints or in picturesque wine villages with a large number of inviting rustic wine bars.

Nature experiences. Hiking. Hotel Zehnthof in Cochem
Nature experiences. Hiking. Hotel Zehnthof in Cochem
The plateau of the Moselle

A well-known path is the Apolloweg. Experience a hiking trail with impressive views, rare plants and animals that flourish in warm climates, sheer rock faces, vineyard terraces and the gentle plateaus of the Moselle trough. The trail gets its name from the rare Mountain Apollo butterfly, a species which is indigenous here. Robust footwear is called for on this 7.5 kilometre long trail, which involves several steep sections and an altitude difference of approximate 200 metres.

Side valley of the Moselle

If you want to be on the road a bit longer, we recommend the path through the "Valley of Wild Endert". This hike offers a nature experience of a rather original kind. The stream of the same name on whose banks 34 mills once performed their work is representative of this wild and romantic side valley of the Moselle.

Nature experiences. Hiking. Hotel Zehnthof in Cochem

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